Roof Repair

Roof Repair IndianapolisTrust your roof repair to a company with over 20 years of experience in residential roofing. Here at Victory Improvement Professionals, we can do it all, from hail and wind damage to age and neglect. We have the resources to support your manufacturer’s warranty and the skills to do it right the first time. And we can also work with your insurance company.

24/7 Roof Repair

Our team is available every day of the year to stop leaks from storm damage, and to restore your surface to pre-storm condition. VIP also has trained adjusters and inspectors on staff and we can save you the hassle of working with your insurance company. If you don’t act quickly, it is difficult to tie your damage to a particular weather event, and your insurer can deny coverage.

Hail damage – Stones that are large enough, or that strike from the right angle, can cause major problems in the future. They can scrape off the protective granules on shingles, crack tiles and slates, and pit metal in such a way that it holds water. We have the right solution to every roof repair dilemma. How do you know you have hail damage? Check nearby cars, mailboxes and vinyl siding for dents. Then call us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Wind damage – Panels and shingles that have been installed in tabs can be caught and ripped off by strong winds. All it takes is one loose edge to start the process. A gust can also slam tree limbs and other debris into the rooftop.

Hidden DamageNo matter how or why your topside problems started, torn off or loose shingles is not the only evidence. If you see pinpoints of daylight in your attic, smell a musty odor in your attic insulation, or notice discolored spots on your ceiling, it’s time to call us. We can investigate every part of the system and make roof repair recommendations.

Another sign of trouble is piles of dark granules at the ends of rain gutters or downspouts. This means the protective grit coating on your surface has been wearing away. This degranulation process subjects your shingle roof to UV damage from the sun. Over time, this breaks down the materials and accelerates wear. Your rooftop could get old before its time.

Comprehensive Roof Repair

The last thing you should expect from your roofing contractor is a patch-and-go roof repair job. We take the time to look at the underlayment and check it for wear. Our trained roofing inspector will examine the wooden decking and see if there is rotting. If your rain gutters are loose or full, we will address them. And we will secure all flashing. Those are the metal sealing bands present at valleys and walls where two planes meet; around all drip edges; and around chimneys, skylights and other protrusions. These joints and terminations are the most likely places that will need leaky roof repair.

Roof Repair or Roofing Replacement?

We understand roof replacement is a big deal and can be a cost you don’t bank on. We will never try to sell you on a reroof if only repairs will do. You will get a clear explanation of what we find and a written estimate, and then you make the final call. It is important to us that our customers make informed decisions.

Usually, if 25 percent or more of a shingle surface is water damaged, replacement is recommended; but it will depend on the age, condition and configuration of your unique surface. Sometimes repairs only drag out an inevitable new roof installation.

Damaged Roof Repair CarmelWhen you need emergency roof repair, call us any time of the day or night. We’ll bring the equipment and people to stop active leaks immediately, and then take action to correct the problem. If age, neglect or improper installation caused your issue, we will add to its life. Our company has been trusted by the community for more than 20 years. We are licensed, insured and experienced residential roofing contractors.

We offer roof repair in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lebanon and all surrounding cities.