Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair IndianapolisWe specialize in roof storm damage repair! We will come to you, secure your home from leaks and repair your rooftop right the first time. It takes just moments for weather to harm your roof. For fast and effective service, call the contractor that local builders and engineers go to – Victory Improvement Professionals. We’re available 24/7 and offer free estimates!

Proper storm damage repair will prevent further damage to your home after thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes and straight-line winds. It is very important to keep water from getting inside and staying there. Our emergency roof repair service will be there to help.

Water inside your home can quickly cause hazardous mold and mildew, lead to structural damage, and create a haven for pests. Act immediately to protect the investment you have made in your home and safeguard your family.

Filing an Insurance ClaimThe first and most important thing you can do is to report a claim to your insurance company. Even if you don’t think there is much damage, you should know that much of it may be hidden. It must be documented. That’s where we can help.

Experience – With 20 years as a storm damage repair service, we can pinpoint areas that you might miss. We are members of the BBB, RCI and NCRA.

On-staff experts – VIP has trained adjusters and inspectors on staff. We can walk the rooftop with your insurance company representative to ensure he or she doesn’t miss a spot.

Save hassle – We can help you as you complete your paperwork. With an experienced storm damage repair company on your side, you stand a better chance at getting the maximum on your claim. In some cases repairs or replacements can be done for the cost of the deductible.

Types of Storm Damage Repair

Our factory-trained crews can quickly assess the aftermath of a weather event. As soon as you call us we will provide tarps and other emergency stop-gaps, and then inspect the entire rooftop as soon as it is safe to do so.

Hail Damage
Both large hailstones and stones that hit at certain angles can seriously harm your surface, rain gutters and downspouts. Hail can ding metal or crack slate and tile. This can lead to leaks down the line. On a shingle roof, the stones can knock the protective granules off the surface, leading to exposure of the underlayment.

Shingle degranulation is usually hard to spot. Leaks might show up months or even years later and you’ll have a hard time convincing your insurance company to accept your claim. That is why it is crucial to call for an inspection from an experienced storm damage repair service immediately.

Wind Events
Wind is a very powerful force, from tornadoes to straight-line gusts. It can drive rain underneath the shingles of asphalt roofing, hurl tree branches, and lift up entire sections. In many cases, we can do repairs that will secure the surface.

How Bad is the Damage?When you call an emergency roof repair company, you’ll probably wonder whether repairs will be enough or if you need a roof replacement. Count on our storm damage repair team to tell it to you straight. After we assess your surface, we will give you a free, written estimate. You will know for certain whether the surface can be fixed or whether a new roof installation makes more sense.

In general, asphalt roofing that has suffered water damage to more than one-quarter of its surface is a candidate for replacement. Every situation is different, but you will always know where you stand with us.

And you will have the satisfaction of knowing we are a local company that has been around for years and will be available to you in the future. We have a lot of experience with windows and siding, too.

Storm Damaged Roof Repair Carmel

How We Do Storm Damage Repair

There are many types of repairs we can do to your surface, the flashing, the underlayment, the decking and the rain gutters. In every case, our carefully trained technicians strictly adhere to guidelines set forth by building codes, your warranty, and accepted best practices.

Call a company with in-house adjusters and experienced roofing contractors ready to help.

We do storm damage repair in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lebanon and all surrounding cities.