Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing IndianapolisThe most important qualities your residential roofing contractor can have are experience and knowledge. VIP has over 20 years in the roofing industry, closely working with top developers, architects and engineers to build better roofs. We use only our own qualified technicians, respected products and time-honored techniques. Let us repair, replace or install your roof.

Roof Repair

When you want a durable surface at affordable prices, you will want to check out today’s shingle roof systems. Made of durable organic or fiberglass mats, an asphalt layer and a protective grit coating, the modern version of this American favorite is built to last. If asphalt shingle installation is worn or storm damaged, our residential roofing service can identify the problem and repair it fast.

Roofing Storm Damage – Snow, ice dams and wind-driven rains can cause immediate leaks or set the stage for problems in the future. Hall can also scuff the surface, opening it up to sun damage over the coming seasons. We can secure your home and know exactly what to look for. We also have an adjuster on staff to help you with your insurance claims.

Normal Aging – No matter how well you might maintain your residential roofing surface, over time the materials are going to wear out. Shingles are a composition product with a definite useful life. If yours is over 10 years old, we can examine it. If it’s closer to 20 years, call now. We will look at the condition of the parts below the shingles for wear, as well as gutters and flashing. Then we will give you a free estimate for the cost of repairs or for a secure new roof installation.

Poor Roofing Installation – This is the number one cause of leaks and shortened material lifespans. Unfortunately, it is all too common. Our trained technicians will show you exactly what is wrong and the best way to address it. We may recommend residential roofing repairs or roof replacement. You will always make the final decision.

Roof Maintenance Issues – A long-neglected rooftop will invariably lead to repair issues. Sodden leaf piles that aren’t cleaned off will weaken the materials below. Clogged gutters will hold moisture along edges. Seals that aren’t checked will be the first places to leak. Small problems can quickly escalate into expensive, unplanned repairs.

New Roof Installation Carmel

Roof Replacement

Let us show you the latest in high-tech asphalt roofing choices from GAF, Tamko, Owners Corning and IKO. The VIP team takes pride in meeting any manufacturer’s warranty specifications. As a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, our residential roofing company follows best practices in every phase of the work we do, and we offer our own labor guarantee. The materials we use will be ASTM tested and applied correctly. Your sheathing and flashing will be replaced according to code, and we will handle the municipal inspections for you, too.

New Roof Installation

Building a new home is exciting. For you, the homeowner, it should not be a huge challenge. Our residential roofing service can work with your builder or developer to create an installation that blends seamlessly with your design goals. Your house will be protected with manufacturer-approved workmanship and weather the seasons in style. Today’s shingles come in many different colors and looks. Choose budget-friendly three-tab, or designer laminated types that can last up to 50 years.

Residential Roofing Done Right

It takes as little as one day to tear off an old surface, fix any underlying problems and do a new roof installation. Shingles typically take less time to apply than other surfaces because each strip covers lot of area.

We do residential roofing in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lebanon and all nearby towns.