Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement IndianapolisYou might need home roof replacement if age or storm damage is causing leaks. Because you can’t always tell if you need repairs or a whole new surface, you need an experienced professional roofing contractor. Call us for emergency response and an accurate inspection.

Have wind, hail and stormy weather left you with leaks? Our emergency roof repair services can be at your door quickly with temporary storm damage repairs that will stop leaks and keep your home safe. But what about the long-term? We will assess the condition of your residential roofing thoroughly, and then suggest the best course of action. Our prices are very competitive and the quality of workmanship you will receive is the best in the area.

We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, RCI building consultants’ association, and the Better Business Bureau. Read our reviews on Angie’s List and see what your friends and neighbors have to say. Get the satisfaction of knowing that our owner is regularly sought out by local builders and engineers for his expertise, and he supervises every job himself.

Is Roof Replacement the Answer?

As a general rule, once more than a quarter of a rooftop has severe water damage, it should be replaced. Repairs may not help at all, or they might postpone a replacement by only a short time. Look for these signs:

  • Multiple leaks or growing dark spots on walls or ceilings
  • Spots of daylight visible in your attic
  • Popped nails under the wooden decking
  • Many warped, buckled or missing shingles

Degranulation DangersIf you have a shingle roof, you should also be on the lookout for piles of dark grit at the bottom of your downspouts. This probably means the shingles’ protective coating has bald patches. The process is known as degranulation, and it will make your rooftop vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Just as these rays fade paint and cause sunburn, they can seriously weaken the base layer of the shingles. Leaks almost always follow.

Our founder and his team have more than 20 years of experience in local residential roof replacement. We will carefully explain our findings and give you a written estimate.

Insurance HelpIf stormy weather or hail has caused you to call a roof replacement contractor, you should know that we can file your claim for you. We can work with your adjuster and help you seek the best deal possible. In some cases, you can get a new surface for free or for the cost of your deductible – even if the roof wasn’t in the best shape before the storm. Let us look at your policy and see if we can help. But don’t wait – there may be time limits to coverage.

The Roof Replacement Process

A new roof installation usually involves removing damaged materials and putting on a stronger new layer. But that is only one part of a complex process. The VIP team will check every part of the whole: the felt underlayment and the wooden decking below, the metal flashing around edges and angles, rain gutters, and the ventilation system. If there is any damage, we will replace these parts with the strongest and most tested replacements available. We’ll also arrange all municipal inspections to spare you the hassle.

Our work is methodical, efficient and fast. It generally takes only a day or two to totally replace a roofing system, but the result will be stronger and far more reliable than your old rooftop. It will be more energy efficient, too, saving you money. When we are done, we will do a perfect cleanup. All you will notice is your beautiful, durable new roof replacement.

Choosing a ReplacementCarmel Roofing ReplacementWe use only top quality shingles from respected manufacturers like GAF, Tamko, IKO and Owens Corning. With so many brands, price points, colors and styles, it can be hard to choose. The Victory team knows them all. We can help narrow down your selection to what fits your budget, architectural style and energy-saving goals.

Your home is your biggest investment. Whether it’s been damaged by a storm or near the end of its life, we can help.

We provide residential roof replacement in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lebanon and the surrounding areas.